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Pentart Fabric Hardener Sculpting Medium is a water-based product that stiffens or hardens fabrics such as natural cotton, silk and wool. 

How to use Pentart Fabric Hardener Sculpting Medium:

  • Saturate fabric completely with Fabric Hardener. 
  • Shape or arrange your fabric into desired shape.
  • Drape treated fabric over wire forms for sculpture or papier mache. 
  • Fabric can be shaped and applied/adhered to project surfaces such as canvas, wood and more.
  • Once you have your fabric shaped, allow to dry for 24 hours. 
  • Fabric can be painted after drying. Note, fabric will soften a bit after painting so allow fabric to dry again.
  • You can decorate hardened fabric with Pentart Wax Paste Metallics, Glitter Pens, Metal Flakes, Glitter and more. 
  • Ideas: cut fabric into flower petal shapes, leaves to make formed, dimensional flowers--or make other shapes, etc.


Pentart products are top shelf media imported from Europe

Fabric Hardener by Pentart

  • To see how to use this product go the Pentart Tips page on this website to watch short videos of this product.

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