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Character of Susan

Hi my name is Susan and I am the Owner of Little Bit of Everything. 


My story began when my husband and I decided to open up a booth at one of our local antique malls 4 years ago.  I was getting furniture that needed repairs and then painted.  I started painting with interior wall paint and just wasn’t getting the looks that I was seeing other artists online obtaining. So I started researching for paint companies. Dixie Belle Paint Company came up and I immediately did a search for local retailers.  No retailers were near to me so we made the 45 minute drive to another city to get a jar of Dixie Belle paint for me to try.  As soon as I opened that jar of paint and started using it, I knew this was the company for me. The ease of use and coverage was fabulous. Not to mention all those colors!  


This journey of painting and assisting others has been a dream realized for me.

Little Bit of Everything has three locations in Antique Stores near you.


Let’s start a project!


Little Bit of Everything
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