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2 New Colors:

  • American Honey - As warm and golden as honey, American Honey is a delectable neutral stain with amber undertone. This hue is perfect for maintaining a natural wood look, while amplifying the rich, coziness.
  • Golden Ash - Light and airy, Golden Ash offers a breezy, warm appeal with ashy undertones. This neutral stain provides a refreshing, natural look that is both warm and cool.


No Pain Gel Stain is an oil-based gel stain that provides deep and rich coverage for furniture surfaces.


Apply one or more than one coat for a darker finish.


Please note: Our No Pain Gel Stain is oil based and will require additional dry time.



No Pain Gel Stain

    • Stir Stir Stir the Gel Stain before using
    • Apply thin layers
    • Wipe Back excess
    • Apply water based top coat after 3-5 days or until fully dry.
    • Can mix the different colors of Gel stain to create a new look. ie. Black and White Gel stain = Dark Gray Gel Stain
    • Make sure to pound lid back on Gel Stain to keep fresh and good.
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