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Roycycled Treasures Decoupage Paper is an easy way to add special touches to your craft projects.  The 18lb decoupage tissue weight makes it both durable, and thin enough to virtually disappear.   The 29″ x 21″ sheets make easy work of large scaled creations such as furniture decoupage projects. If you’ve used decoupage napkins before, you will love this product.  This versatile product works with any decoupage medium (is. Dixie Belle Satin or Wise Owl Varnish) or decoupage glue.  You can use it to decoupage wood, glass, marble, the options are nearly endless.  






Copper - Roycycled Treasures Decoupage Paper

  • Apply a thin, even coat of a water based top coat. It's best to work in small sections.

    Be sure to cover all the area you are working on since missed areas will create bubbles.

    Smooth down paper with your hand or balled up saran wrap.

    Lay a thin, even coat of water based top coat on the paper.



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