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Illuminate your pieces with an iridescent glow. Chameleon wax is a sheer and stunning wax used to bring out the natural highlight of your project. Chameleon Wax comes in 3 colors; Cactus, Lilac and Apricot. This dazzling oil-based product is set to make any piece glow.


Available in three colors: Lilac, Apricot, Cactus:


Cactus: Lively and bright, this color is as sharp and spectacular as a wild cactus. This vibrant green brings elegance and shine to a piece destined for a new life.


Lilac: Reminiscent of the woodland flower, the Lilac Chameleon Wax is delicate and iridescent. You'll love this wax for adding a petal-like glow to your projects!


Apricot: Delightfully luminous, the Apricot Chameleon Wax is fruity and warm. Give your projects a sun-kissed glow!




Chameleon Wax

  • 1. If you get Chameleon Wax in an area that you didn't want, apply some Big Mama's Butter to the area you want to remove the Chameleon Wax. 

    2. Reflects color, doesn't change color

    3. Highly Pigmented

    4. 72 hours of dry time before applying a top coat.


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