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Slick Stick and Boss has become one - Bonding Boss.  Bonding Boss is the ultimate 2 in 1 Problem Solver. Bonding Boss allows you to paint shiny, slick (MCM pieces), or slippery surfaces with ease! After applying Bonding Boss,  surfaces like PVC, glass, Formica, laminate, metal, and more are easily painted since the paint will now adhere. Just like with Boss, Bonding Boss tackles tough set in stains including permanent marker, water stains, and much more. Bonding Boss even masks smoke odors and nicotine smells.


Bonding Boss is a problem solving product and not needed for every project.



Bonding Boss

PriceFrom $15.95
  • First, clean your piece with White Lightning. Paint one coat of Bonding Boss and let dry for 2-3 hours. Apply a second coat of Bonding Boss and let dry overnight.


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