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Terra Wax is perfect for providing a rock hard finish that will preserve your details instead of making them appear blurry or flattened! Water repellant.


12 OZ.


Terra Wax by Dixie Belle Paint

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  • 1. Apply wax to your piece.  Not a lot.  Apply in circular motion.

    2. Don't go back over with more wax.

    3. It will feel tacky after the wax has been applied.

    4. If you do get excess wax in an area, wipe the excess off within 10 minutes of applying before the wax hardens.

    5.If you want to grunge up your piece with Dixie Dirt, apply the Dirt before you do your intial buff.

    6.Buff your piece 1 hour after applying the wax. It will be a slick glossy finish when you buff.

    7. Wax starts to cure immediately. The wax will dry and be partially cured in one week. 30 days fully cured.

    8. Can apply wax over a transfer.

    9. Wax will protect and seal your piece.

    10. Don't forget to clean the wax brush.

    11. Wait 24 hours after painting to apply the wax.

    12. If applying a transfer to your Terra Paint, apply Terra Seal before applying the transfer.



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