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Printed in Italy on the highest quality rice paper available for decoupage. This paper is A4 - 8.3" x 11.7".  

Pink Hair by Paper Designs

  • Benefits of our rice paper:

    • Made in Italy by experts in the decoupage printing industry
    • Eco friendly inks
    • Rice paper is sustainably produced
    • No wrinkles
    • Beautiful color and image quality
    • Unique designs and large selection


    How to Use:

    • Start with a clean, fully dry surface. For best results, a white or light paint color works best for maximum vibrancy as the paper has transparency.
    • Position the rice paper in the desired area. Don't worry about creases or wrinkles in the paper, they will come out once the medium is applied.
    • Using the decoupage medium recommended by your retailer, apply a layer of glue under the paper, lifting up a section at a time. Do not dilute the medium with water. Always use a brush with soft, flat bristles.
    • Continue step 3 until the surface is fully covered and the paper is positioned correctly. Ensure all areas underneath the paper are covered with decoupage medium.
    • Apply a layer of decoupage medium to the top of the piece, starting from the middle and working outward to release any air bubbles. Do not dig the brush into the paper and try not to go over any area more than one or two times.
    • Allow the decoupage medium to dry fully before touching with your fingers or applying a second coat to avoid damaging the paper fibers. The ink can lift off if overworked when wet.
    • Apply a final top coat using the sealer of your choice and admire your beautiful work
  • A short video on how to decoupage is under the FAQ's, TIPS & TECH page on this website.  Under the Decoupage  Tips.

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