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Pentart products are top shelf media imported from Europe. 250 ML


Two component, transparent craft resin having a non-yellowing formula. Mix the two components in 1:1 ratio by volume. Apply in silicon moulds or pour directly on top of your object. Recommended to use it for smaller objects and surfaces. The thickness of a layer should not exceed 20 mm in case of moulds, however you can cast more layers to create thicker objects. You will be able to remove the casted object after 24 hours of drying time, but the material will still be flexible at this point. The total drying time is 72 hours, then the material will become very stiff and durable. For colouring add Resin Tint for opaque or Media Ink for transparent colours and Art Micas and Metal Pigments for extra sparkle. For special effects you can also include into your resin projects Metal Flakes, Galaxy Flakes, Coloured Foil Flakes or Microbeads. Use the Rubbing Alcohol to clean your tools, remove bubbles or to reach special effects. You can also use a cooking torch to remove the bubbles. The cured resin can be sanded and polished.

Super Glass Resin by Pentart

  • To see how to use this product go the Pentart Tips page on this website to watch short videos of this product.

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