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Activated Charcoal is said to draw impurities, dirt and oil from the skin. Starting with pure, organic vegetable oils, our activated charcoal soap will clarify and detoxify the most sensitive skin. Some charcoal soaps contain additional colorant to make the soap darker and appear to have more charcoal than it does. Others claim sustainable ingredients, but often use mass balance palm oil. This is not the case for our charcoal soap, which is truly pure and natural, handmade using the cold process method in the United States of America. No fragrance or essential oils or additional colorants, just pure coconut based activated charcoal and soap made with sustainable organic oils. Made in the USA. Exfoliating - mild. Organic Shea Butter. GMO Free. Paraben Free, Sulfate Free. No Synthetic Fragrances of colors. 85% organic ingredients. Certified Vegan and Peta Cruelty Free.

Activated Charcoal - Bar of soap


Buy 5 or more bars and save

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