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12" Wind Spinner

Made from Stainless Steel


The wind spinner can make a great addition to any home or garden décor. Hang it inside (#901 battery motor optional) or outside and watch a whirling rainbow of colours as the beautiful crystal tail (tails are optional on the website) spins and refracts the sunlight.


This wind spinner from Spinfinity is laser-cut from high-quality stainless steel, and is powder-coated for weather resistance. The brand employs nationally acclaimed artists to create unique and attractive designs with deep, true-to-life colours and personality and high reflectivity.

12" Patriotic Wind Spinner - #385

SKU: 810006390537
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    1. Grasp the top or bottom of the wind spinner with one hand. With the other hand, grab the center piece and the first few inner rings.

    2. Twist the center piece and first few rings open to about 60-80 degrees. Both sides should open simultaneously to form a fist sized pocket that catches the wind.

    3. Adjust rings for even spacing and aesthetics.

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